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Dated: 08/11/2016

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Sure, it seems like everyone and their mother wants to move to the Mile High City, but are residents of Denver truly happy? 

According to a recent study from HomeAdvisor, very! In fact, according to the digital home service provider’s Happiness Index, homeowners in Denver are the third-happiest in the nation.

Home Advisor surveyed more than 18,000 homeowners in 36 U.S. metros to identify factors that make them happy.

  • Practical commutes and access to attractions and services.

  • Community diversity, safety and a vibrant neighborhood network.

  • Affordability and comfort offered by a homeowner's dwelling.

Denver was assigned an impressive A- overall happiness score, with eight out of 10 saying "It's the best place to live." Additionally, 72 percent said their home makes them proud; 57 percent said their home is their favorite place to be; and 77 percent said they plan to say in the community for at least five years.

Unfortunately, the affordability factor was where Denver residents scored lowest on the happiness scale, with just 46 percent saying the average $509,900 home price is "reasonable." Another 80 percent said they renovated their homes, and 69 percent said they were happy with their home's size and layout.

On the plus side, safety and a sense of community are high on the happiness scale for Denver homeowners. When it comes to community, a majority 75 percent of Denver residents said they feel safe and 73 percent said they trust their neighbors. On the diversity front, only 37 percent said they feel their community is racially diverse, while 44 percent said they feel their community is religiously diverse.

Ready to get in on the happiness vibes in Denver? Contact Metrowest today and start the search for your perfect property!

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