Hottest Denver Neighborhoods For Millennials

Dated: 06/24/2019

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Image titleWith Denver’s growing tech industry, low unemployment, and easy access to outdoor recreation, it’s no wonder the Mile High City is so appealing for young professionals. So where are the hottest places for these millennials to settle down?

The Denver Business Journal teamed up with neighborhoods and schools website Niche, which uses U.S. Census data on age and education as well as other factors such as access to bars and restaurants, affordability and job opportunities to see which areas of the city are the most appealing to young professionals.

This year, the #1 and #2 neighborhoods swapped places, compared to last year's data. And two neighborhoods, ranked at #24 and #25, are new compared to 2018. Also worth noting is that the percentage of owners in the downtown Denver area has increased over last year.

#25 – Virginia Village

#12 – Speer

#24 – Southmoor Park

#11 – Civic Center

#23 – Rosedale

#10 – Congress Park

#22 – Washington Park

#9 – City Park

#21 – Lincoln Park

#8 – City Park West

#20 – West Highland

#7 – Five Points

#19 – Platt Park

#6 – Union Station

#18 – Washington Park West

#5 – Cheeseman Park

#17 – Belcaro

#4 – Highland

#16 – Hale

#3 – Downtown

#15 – Baker

#2 – Capitol Hill

#14 – Whittier

#1 – North Capitol Hill (Uptown)

#13 – Jefferson Park

In addition to U.S. Census, cost-of-living and other economic and geographic data, looked at the following to rank the millennial-favorite neighborhoods in the Denver metro area:

  • Economic and ethnic diversity

  • Crime and safety

  • Walkability

The market is pretty competitive in Denver, but there are some great deals to be found if you know where to look. If you’re ready to become a homeowner in one of these popular neighborhoods, give me a shout – I’d love to show you around.

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