Denver Property Taxes Where Is The Best Bang For Your Buck

Dated: 04/24/2018

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Potential home buyers are all about budget – how much house can they afford? How much can be put into renovations? Is a higher price tag worth that awesome location? But one thing would-be homebuyers forget to consider is the cost of a home after they buy it. Take property taxes for example. Property taxes in Colorado are leveraged by local governments to support a variety of community services, like funding water sanitation systems, paying law enforcement and funding schools. But where in the state are those property taxes being used most effectively? Where will your tax dollars go the furthest? Read on to find out!

SmartAsset, a New York-based personal finance company, recently released a report that looks at the places in the state where people are getting the most for their property tax dollars. To compile the report, the company looked at school rankings, crime rates and property taxes for every county in the state. It assigned each county a community score and analyzed the number of property taxes collected by each county, then created a ratio to determine where property tax dollars are going furthest.

10. Park County
Property tax rate: 0.45%
School rating: 9
Crimes per 100,000 people: 840
Overall value index: 82.24

5. Alamosa County
Property tax rate: 0.59%
School rating: 7
Crimes per 100,000 people: 627
Overall value index: 92.95

9. Crowley County
Property tax rate: 0.58%
School rating: 2
Crimes per 100,000 people: 522
Overall value index: 89.67

4. Conejos County
Property tax rate: 0. 50%
Crimes per 100,000 people: 776
Overall value index: 93.17

8. Elbert County
Property tax rate: 0.51%
School rating: 3
Crimes per 100,000 people: 147
Overall value index: 90.27

3. Lincoln County
Property tax rate: 0.60%
School rating: 8
Crimes per 100,000 people: 748
Overall value index: 95.63

7. Bent County
Crimes per 100,000 people: 1968
Overall value index: 91.06

2. Yuma County
Property tax rate: 0.54%
School rating: 4
Crimes per 100,000 people: 98
Overall value index: 98.64

6. La Plata County
Property tax rate: 0.29%
School rating: 5
Crimes per 100,000 people: 295
Overall value index: 92.12

1. Denver County
Property tax rate: 0.53%
Crimes per 100,000 people: 36
Overall value index: 99.66

Want to make sure your tax dollars are getting the best return? Check out some of the counties above – give Metrowest a shout today and we’d be happy to show you around!

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